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Bath Salts

bathsalts all.jpg
bathsalts all.jpg
  • Bath Salt to Soothe Your Tired Muscles And Feel Stronger With A Bath Soak Designed To Help You Stay In Great Shape

  • Exfoliates, And Absorbs Into The Skin To Make Smooth, To Helps You Relax.

  • Highest Quality Ingredients: Made With USP Grade Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salts, and Himalayan Salts, Therapeutic Pure Essential Oils, & No Dyes, No Fillers. 

  • Pure Essential Oils: 100% Therapeutic Pure Essential Oils - Loosen Up After A Good Run In Our Berry Botanicals, Dead Sea Salts Bath Blend

  • Includes Actually Remove/Neutralize The Chlorine & Ammonia Lurking In Your Bath Water!

  • Made In Loganville, Ga. With Ingredients Ethically Sourced From Around The World.

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