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Are You Saved ?

Are You Saved?

The most important decision you can make, is where you will spend eternity. Will you go to Heaven and spend eternity with GOD, or go to hell and spend eternity separated from GOD? Most think they will go to Heaven. They think if you are a good person, go to CHURCH, and do good works, been baptized and many others reasons, you will be with JESUS. But GOD tells us through HIS WORD, that only those who ask for forgiveness, and are saved will go to Heaven. THE BIBLE is very clear that the only payment acceptable to GOD, is the blood of HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST. GOD loves you so much that HE died on a cross, instead of you having to do it. Who else would love you that much? HE paid that price that you could not pay. If you are truly sorry you hurt GOD and sinned, and you believe HE died for you on the cross, just ask HIM to forgive you. HE will! HE loves you! Don't wait another minute! Today is the day of salvation!

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