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About Me:

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My name is Beverly Burnette. I've been making personal products for me, my family, and friends for years. I started making them out of necessity, and now it's a passion. It feels so wonderful to wake up, and enjoy what I do, to make a living.


In my teens to mid twenties, I wanted to be an attorney. I obtained a degree as a paralegal, and private investigator. I've also been a secretary, in customer service, dispatch, in claims, insurance, and bank teller,  to make ends meet. 

Just before enrolling in Law School, GOD had other plans for my life. HE wanted me to get married to the best man in the whole wide world, and HE called me to be a mother of  7 great children, and grandmother. 

I am a full time home school mom, a CPR Instructor, and I have started GODly Nature Co.

I get to help my husband, David Burnette, in the ministry at, GOD has called us to this ministry, to give BIBLES to those who want and need them most. I also get to help my husband with the business end of We repair water/fire/smoke/and mold damage, and clean carpets and air ducts. 

This is my happy, GOD-given life, and I am so thankful for HIS direction!!!

I would have made a terrible attorney. I hate paperwork! LOL 

My journey of making personal products began when some of my children had severe psoriasis, and my husband developed skin cancer in multiple places. My daughter's psoriasis was so bad, they wanted to admit her to the hospital, and give her intravenous drugs, that might cause her to be infertile. I refused to let the doctors do this, and they got mad at me for it. By no means at all, am I instructing you, not to follow your doctor's orders. But I refused. I figured she would rather have scars, than not have babies. Nothing they were giving her was working. I prayed. I prayed hard for GOD to show me what to do. I had to act fast. So, I educated myself, researched, talked to many other doctors. None of the chemical based prescription medicines were working. I started experimenting with some natural products, AND IT WORKED!!!! (Within days!)

The doctors at Emory were amazed, and took pictures for their reports and books!

But after MUCH prayer, I took the plunge, and opened GODly Nature Company!

After these eye opening experiences, I just kept making products, and I love it!

Especially after my husband developed skin cancer,


I didn't give this a second thought when I was younger. It just wasn't that important. But boy did GOD show me, that was a foolish way of thinking. Especially when you experience such great results! GOD changed the way I think about skin care. Don't wait untill you develop a skin problem, to think about the importance of the only skin GOD has given you for life. Be good to yourself, and take care of you. Along with everyone else, and your responsibilities, I think GOD wants you to take care of you too. 

It's important to be picky about the products you use. It matters a great deal!

I was programmed, like most, to think that unless it comes from a prescription, or from a store, it wouldn't work. But that is simply not true. 

Beverly Burnette

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