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Anointing Oil Travel Kit

Anointing Oil Travel Kit


Hand Carved Anoiting Oil Box from Jerusalem with 2 oz. for Biblical Formula Anointig Oil. Great for Pastors to carry with you in your pocket for Prayer and Visitation. A must for your Church Leaders.


Ingredients: Olive Oil straight from Jerusalem's Olive Vinyards, and the best oils of Myrrh essential oil, Pure Cinnamon Cassia oil, Pure Calamus oil, and Pure Cinnamon essential oil.


This Anointing Oil is sold, in 2oz bottles. This usually lasts for years for most pastors. It includes a two ounce container of the Anointing Oils, a small glass portable vial for easy handling to hospitals or other locations, and either a beautiful glass bottle or Wooden Olive Wood container handmade and carved from families in Israel.

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